1. Period of 2nd Registration In Advance

July 10th (Wednesday) at 12:00 p.m. ~ July 12th (Friday) at 17:00 p.m.

2. Guidance on Registration in Advance

∙ Please fill in all of the items in the registration form without exceptions as they are all the required information.

∙ Please record the English name and affiliation accurately since the badge will be distributed with the corresponding details recorded.

∙ This forum is an open forum without any entry fee applicable.

∙ This forum is offered with priority to the companies, research institutes and academic circles related to the aviation and space industries, the experts in related fields, the related persons from the provincial and local autonomous governments and young entrepreneurs in related fields. Besides, the related persons from the traditional manufacturing businesses and the information & communication technology (ICT) and other industries who wish to find the new opportunities in the space field can also be allowed for registration. To those who are finally confirmed for participation, the barcode for the participants will be sent later by way of the text message. Since the maximum number of participants allowable is limited, the understanding is requested in that all of the persons who register in advance may not be allowed to participate. When you arrive at the venue of forum, the admission can be allowed only if you present the barcode received through the text message. The registration at the site of venue cannot be accepted.


Registration is closed now.

Confirmation of Registration

Up to the closing time for submission of the application for participation, the information you submitted for application can be changed.

The confirmation of registration and the change of information can be processed within ‘My Page’ after logging in by using your e-mail address.


Inquiry regarding Registration